Morgan is a Swedish photographer based in Dublin / Ireland.
Morgan - Dublin photographer.

Morgan's history.

    Morgan is a photographer from Scandinavia who was raised most of his life in Sweden, but a couple of decades back he decided to yet again travel the world. However on this occasion he never returned back home again.  Morgan is currently working around Dublin / Ireland.

    As you might have realized, one of his greatest passions in life is travelling. And this is because it means one is learning by a practical application when it comes to "living in the middle of the moment". It is probably also one main reasony why photography appealed to Morgan since photography is "catching the moment".

    Morgan has lived, worked, studied & travelled in such diverse places as; Guadeloupe, Israel, Turkey, Palestine,Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Poland, East & West Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Yugoslavia, England, Ireland, Holland, Hungary, Greece, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Egypt, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Chile and Panama.
    His most recent trip was to
Nicaragua and Costa Rica where he spent a whole year dedicated to charity work.

    Exploration of our globe has always pushed him to think outside the "European mold" by actively trying to understand people from other cultures and backgrounds than his own.
    Understanding others who are different to oneself is the only way we can change our world; it is also one reason why one of Morgan's favorite quotes is one by Albert Einstein; who said “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

    Most of Morgan's photography in Sweden was concert photography which was closely linked to his work on stage. The number of musicians that Morgan worked with is too big to recall, but a few of the ones he worked for are listed in alphabetic order here. 

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